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Resume Tracking - See What Employers Do With Your Resume

It's always nice to hear from our clients. When Frank Wallace sent us an email week, we just had to learn more. Here's Frank's story, and how he used to enable himself to land a new job.

When Frank Wallace found himself out of a job, he wasn't all that worried. He had a bank balance that would support his family for a while. It wasn't until two month's later, after applying for over 50 tech jobs, that he began to worry. At that point, he turned to His thought was that if he could see how prospective employers were using his resume, that he could learn what he was doing wrong, and in turn make a resume that actually worked.

What do you know - it worked!

"When I originally signed up for your service, I was really just wanting to find out which prospects were reading the resume." Frank says. "With an idea of who was reading it, I could find out which jobs I should be applying for."

After signing up for our service, Frank began by tracking the single resume he had been using for over 10 years. Of course, he had updated the document, but it was basically in the same format that he had used since high school. Within a few days, and another round of applications sent, Frank quickly realized that employers weren't reading it at all. They were opening the document, but no one seemed to read it for more than a few seconds, and no one printed the document.

When he realized this, Frank began to change his methods. Using a resume writing guide he found online, he re-wrote his resume in three different styles. He selectively sent each one to different online job prospects.

After only a few days, and using the document usage statistics that our system provided, he was suddenly able to see which copy got read longer, and which one was printed more often. In turn, he used that resume for all of his applications.

Within a week Frank landed a job as a project manager for a firm in Northern California.

"Without your system, I never would have known that my current resume was ineffective." Frank says. "Simply being able to see what my prospective employers were doing with my resume was enough to be able to improve it, and get a new job."



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Resume Tracking - See what employers do with your Resume

Frank Wallace always wondered what prospective employers did when they read his resume. Learn how he used our personal document tracking plan to see which resumes worked, and which didn't. More

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