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Excel Tracking Increases Productivity in the Workplace

At we love hearing how our customers are using document usage statistics. If you talked to Barry Jackson, who sells water treatment systems online, he would tell you that he uses our system to keep an eye on his remote employees.

Barry started in the water treatment business over 20 years ago. He sells simple systems that get hooked up under the sink to purify tap water. Seeing the opportunity that the Internet brought for his sales, he has spent the last 10 years developing web site to help him promote his products. He now operates over 30 web sites, that bring in more than 4,000 sales leads each day. One problem Barry had to overcome as his business grew was how to respond to so many inquires, to ensure he maximized the profits from his online leads.

To accomplish this, he turned to outside employees, but doing so brought him a whole new problem. He suddenly needed a way to track 10 outside employees, and the amount of time they actually spent working.

"Each morning I download my sales leads and convert them to an Excel spreadsheet." Barry says. "I separate that file into separate files and send them to my employees for follow up. At the end of each day I receive them back with details of any responses they got from those follow ups."

Barry quickly realized that some of his employees were much more productive than others, and really helped to make sales. At first Barry thought that this was due to sales ability, but since they were all using the same call scripts, and the same follow up emails, that didn't make sense. Paying his employees by the sales lead, Barry began to wonder if all of his employees were actually doing the work, or if they were just making it up.

To find out, Barry turned to, and began using our xls tracking, to see how his workers were using the spreadsheets he sent. What he found out was that, while his most productive were opening the spreadsheets for a full 8 hour period, the ones that were less productive were only opening the work for 20-40 minutes (about the time it would take them to fill in the information without actually making any follow ups).

"Your system allowed me to separate my honest employees from the ones who were ripping me off." Barry stated, "I replaced my dishonest workers with other outside employees, and suddenly everyone is more productive. Sales are great!"

When it comes to keeping workers productive, there are many ways to accomplish it. For Barry Jackson, at least, has given him the ability to keep an eye on employees that live thousands of miles away.



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