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What can Document Usage Tracking do for you?

There are literally hundreds of uses for our document tracking system. Possibly you're an individual who simply wants to see who read that file they sent out to their mailing list, or maybe you own an entire eBook store and you want to see how your books get read.

Our clients truly range from individual's, who want to track one document, to large corporations who employ invoice tracking on millions of emailed invoices each year. Whatever the case, we have document tracking packages to suit your needs.

Here are the some of the common reasons we see people signing up for DocTracking.com's file tracking system.

Invoice Tracking - Many companies want to track their invoices. Document usage statistics ensure that they are able to see that the invoices were received and read.

Contract Tracking - We have many clients who use our system to track formal contracts. With usage statistics they can see who read them, who printed them, and ultimately how they were used before the final signed document comes back.

Resume Tracking - Many individuals want to know if a prospective employer actually read their resume. Our document tracking system allows you to see who read it, and who passed you by without even opening the document.

Book Tracking - Copyright infringement, and book theft has been a problem for marketers since eBooks first became available. Our system allows you to see who opened the book, where they were in the world, and ultimately gives you the tools you need to see how the document has been used.

Print Tracking - Our system allows you to see when a document was printed, as well as how it was read. This information helps our clients to see who is printing their documents and not just reading them on a computer.

Client Tracking - For email marketers, digital retailers, and more - document usage statistics provides an easy way to see how their clients are using their digital documents, and provides useful statistics about the clients themselves.

Improve Your Documents - With stats that tell you which parts of your document are being read, and how long the files are viewed, many clients use our system to improve their own documentation. For example, if the final 10 pages of that 20 page brochure rarely get read, simply knowing that is enough to know that it may be time to shorten the brochure.

Improve Your Marketing Plan - Our clients are able to hone their marketing plans by seeing who used a document, where they were, and how often they reopen that document. Simple charts that show number of openings per hour, openings grouped by country, along with detailed stats allow marketers to target the clients in locations where their products are being read about and used most often.

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