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PDF Tracking Helps Save Copyright Infringement

Here is another story that one of our customers shared with us. Derrick Porath is an eBook marketer. Under various sudonyms he sell more that 24 eBooks online. After using our system for a few months, he sent us an email. After hearing how he was using our document usage statistics, we just had to share his story!

When it comes to marketing any type of digital document, copyright infringement has long been a problem. EBook markets have always had issues with customers giving their books away, or making them available for download to others. The problem can lead to a significant loss in sales for any eBook or downloadable package (as many are sold with bonus books and software). With some downloadable packages costing tens of  thousands of dollars to develop and sell sales are important to recovering the initial costs, and turning a profit. Derrick Porath at least, has found a solution to much of his problems, with our system.

"I needed a system that allowed me to see what my customers were doing with my books." Derrick stated in an email interview. "I had tried a system that turned the books into installable .exe files, but then I had a problem with users computers warning them that the file was a virus. It also created the problem of having to manual create serial numbers for each and every sale. It really slowed the whole process of making a sale, and I ended up with less sales from customer recommendations."

The new solution Derrick found was Using our system he was able to set it up so that he was notified by SMS messaging of the first time a user opened a document. He wasn't really concerned with how they used the eBooks after that. By being notified of first openings, he was suddenly able to see that his sales matched the first openings of a document.

If he sold 10 copies of one eBook in a single day, he would expect 10 SMS messages stating first openings for that document. If he suddenly had more than that he was notified, and given enough information to curb the problem.

"I had one eBook package that did end up on a server for download." Derrick stated. "This particular package includes some software that cost me thousands of dollars to have developed."

"When I began to see the eBook being opened hundreds of times a day, and I was only making 20 sales, I began to watch the usage statistics a little closer. I was quickly able to discern that the eBook had been uploaded to someone else's server and was being made freely available. I notified the web hosting company for that site, and the site was quickly shut down."

"After that, all of my eBooks are now tracked. Each book also includes a warning about sharing the file, and states that it is tracked by . My sales have increased greatly with the simple ability to be able to see how my books are being used."

Copyright infringement likely always will be a problem for eBook marketers. For Derrick Porath at least, he has found one way to help curb the problem for his products!



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